Eset Multidevice Internet Security: 4 User

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Key Features

  • Legendary antivirus technology
  • Safeguards your privacy
  • Total protection for Windows, Mac OS and Android
  • Centralized management for devices
  • Wi-Fi Security Advisor: always secure on the go
  • Pure performance – no slowdowns
  • Single-touch security: complete automatic protection
  • Privacy protection across platforms

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Exploit Blocker

Exploit Blocker is designed to fortify applications on users’ systems that are often exploited, such as web browsers, PDF readers, email clients or MS Office components. It adds another layer of protection, one step closer to attackers, by using a technology that is completely different to those that focus on detection of malicious files themselves.

Botnet Protection

Botnet protection provides another, network-based, layer of detection to reveal possible running threats. It searches outgoing network communications for known malicious patterns, and matches the remote site against a blacklist of malicious ones. Any detected malicious communication is blocked and reported to the user.

Advanced Memory Scanner

Advanced Memory Scanner complements Exploit Blocker, as it is also designed to strengthen protection against modern malware. In an effort to evade detection, malware writers extensively use file obfuscation and/or encryption. This causes problems with unpacking and can pose a challenge for common anti-malware techniques, such as emulation or heuristics.

Vulnerability Shield

Vulnerability shield is an extension of firewall and improves detection of known vulnerabilities on the network level. By detecting common vulnerabilities in widely used protocols, such as SMB, RPC and RDP, it constitutes another important layer of protection against spreading malware, network-conducted attacks and exploitation of vulnerabilities for which a patch has not yet been released or deployed.

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ESET LiveGrid®

ESET LiveGrid is an advanced early warning system comprised of several cloud-based technologies. It helps to detect emerging threats based on file and URL reputation and improves scanning performance by means of whitelisting. New threat information is streamed to the cloud in real-time, which enables the ESET Malware Research Lab to provide a timely response and consistent protection at all times. ESET malware researchers use the gathered information to construct an accurate snapshot of the nature and scope of global threats, which helps us to focus in on the right targets.


Anti-Phishing technology protects you from attempts by fake websites, masquerading as legitimate ones, to acquire passwords, banking data and other sensitive information.
When a user’s computer attempts to access a URL, ESET systems compare it against our database of known phishing sites. If a match is found, connection to the URL is aborted and a warning message is displayed. At this point, the user has the option to proceed to the URL at his/her own risk or report the URL to us as a potential false positive warning.


When a computer is infected with malware, it will usually suffice to delete the detected file(s) in order to clean the infected system. But in certain cases – for example when the malware has modified operating system files or tampered with the system registry, or when a parasitic virus has infected the user’s own files – the situation gets more complicated. Simply deleting the infected file could cause data loss or even render the computer unbootable.


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